Journey of a Dream Improves Suneel Galgotia Net Worth

2 months ago

Journey of a Dream Improves Suneel Galgotia Net Worth

The man who places his vitality behind every stone of the Galgotias University is named Suneel Galgotia. He is the founder of the University and has given a part of his life in setting up the institution for providing education to the youth of India. He is also the President of Galgotias Educational Group and has given the Group his ardor for opening up spheres in life for those who want to educate themselves. The Galgotias Institute of Management and Technology (GIMT) were founded in the year 2000 and the strength of the Institute was just 40 at that time. Now you will be surprised by Suneel Galgotia net worth as he has come a long way while working for the Educational Institutes that he has founded.

Working on Educational Institutes

The founder of so many educational institutes, Suneel Galgotia himself finished his stint in acquiring education from Shri Ram College of Commerce and then started to think of his work life. He began to work from around the year 1980 and worked in the publishing industry. He tried his luck in many other enterprises and then thought about working on educational institutes for the people of his country. He found these institutions so that the youth of India find an easy way to go through – when it comes to higher studies. The Suneel Galgotia biography focuses on the Galgotias Business School (GBS) and the Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology (GCET) that are there to welcome a lot of students for working on their future plans. Suneel Galgotia’s vision for the educated and well-informed youth of India will soon take form when more and more students pass out from these institutions to form the future of this Country.


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