Is marriage counseling effective?

6 months ago

Is marriage counseling effective?

Couples should seek therapy long before they think they "need" to. Most experts believe that therapy can be an important part of your relationship. Most issues within a couple start small and then grow in size when they don't get resolved.


Every couple should take preventive measures to maintain health in their relationship.

Couples come to therapy for any number of reasons, such as sex, communication, money and major life changes such as getting married or starting a family.

You might also consider couples therapy to help support you at times of major life change and transition. "Getting married, becoming parents for the first time, moving, changing jobs, losing jobs etc.  Couples Counseling will strengthen you in these difficult times.


Marriage counseling can also help couples who plan to get married. Premarital counseling can help couples achieve a deeper understanding of each other and iron out differences before marriage.


The role of a marriage counselor is to provide clients a safe, neutral place for couples to talk openly about what is disrupting the marriage. ... In addition, the marriage counselor helps the couple to cope with emotions.


Couples therapy can not only relieve tension in a relationship, it can also contribute to the well being of each partner.


Through marriage counseling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding and strengthening your relationship or going your separate ways.


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