Invade and hide from the light's hope gold buying

4 months ago

Invade and hide from the light's hope gold buying

Will a server at all impact? Drawing in hordes of fans, developing a faction imbalance? Will they simply be receiving stream sniped? To  wow classic gold buy each his own, but I would love to steer clear of streamers. But most importantly, I would also like to avoid experienced and recognized guilds that both will steamroll any competition on such server equally in faction for rank and cross faction.

This can remove an element of fun or competitiveness to players/guilds that are new or based when they confront these chances. You are a streamer here, which means you may not like this particular question, but whether you have any comments on this, I'd like to hear. You seem like an honest to the point man with some real answers. This possibility has not been addressed by any streamer yet, and this can impact matters.

"Great news. However I felt Horde base was much less difficult to invade and hide from the light's hope gold buying towers. Eliminating more guards ment the foundation turned into a joke. In the best way, elites packed in ally base to Vandar/Stormspike GY.

But atleast things here such as no Reinforcements, no elimination of ommanders and Lt's. Still I dread with less guards to interfere with the raid, it may be of rushing base the old dull means. Who gets to enemy base first, bring those two towers in there wins down. In short WoW Classic's. Recall in Vanilla they could survive DAYS"?

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