Important factors about hair transplantation

4 months ago

Important factors about hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is the most natural and permanent way to treat people baldness and to regrow their hair. More than 50 % of men suffer hair thinning and hair transplant is popular cosmetic surgery in Men. There are many reasons behind hair fall like genetics, stress, lifestyle, hormonal imbalance and medication. An ideal candidate for a hair transplant is one who has a sufficient donor area with hair follicles regardless of the cause behind it. Hair transplantation has two methods FUE and FUT. FUE  method does not leave any scar as compare to the FUT method. Hair follicles are transplanted from donor area to bald area by credible surgeons. Factors like surgeon skill, hair texture, and scalp elasticity define the success of the procedure.

The procedure takes hours to complete according to the level of baldness. The surgery is carried out by giving local anesthesia and pain is limited . Most people find hair surgery painless. It takes some days to recover and person can go out for work. After surgery, your scalp may be very tender and you will be provided with pain medication and postoperative instruction. The cost of transplant depends on the graft requirement. While many clinics provide you with packages and financing option to pay the cost of hair transplant. If you are looking for effective hair transplant, hair transplant in Mumbai is the best option. Cost of hair transplant is low here and results are most effective provided by skilled surgeon.

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