Ignoring Someone for Attention: How to Do It to Get What You Want

11 months ago

Ignoring Someone for Attention: How to Do It to Get What You Want

There are no rules for ignoring someone to pay attention. Whatever we are finishing, it is examining different strategies until we get what we want.

Or, in some cases, you are in a new relationship and do not want to give this impression that you are needy and sticky. In both cases, I fully understand why you want to retreat and give some place.

Of course, there are many ways to handle these types of situations but ignoring someone to pay attention often works. Sometimes, it needs to be done.

# 1 Talk Before This Do not drag this strategy without first trying others. Ideally, you should sit with them first and talk about what is happening.

Give 6 the same thing they give. About giving and taking relationships is about. If they send you a word text message, do the same. You do not have to invest more about them. Once they see that you are not falling for their work, they will start paying more attention to you. This happens when you are changing the power situation and now, you are in control.

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# 7 Use your competitive side. Everyone has a competitive side, this is what makes us more. So, you can use it as a way to attract its attention. Jealousy is a great way to give you some more attention. You do not need to be extreme, just talk to someone who thinks they are a threat, enough to run behind you. [Read: 30 really evil ways to make a man envy and win his attention]

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