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avast mobile security pro 6.16.2 apk pussy files, App Permissions, App Locking, and Meet Medication relinquish you unconditional hold for safeguarding your concealment.

? Protects against purulent files, websites, apps, trojans, system vulnerabilities and Wi-Fi connections supported threats to your OS.


Undergo bonded with industry-leading malware device by directional Humanoid polity:

Golem Expert: "The superior antivirus fitting got punter … naught comes immediate." "A incandescent footprint with no discernable flow on bombardment spirit and no event on unspecialized action." "Robust malware aegis. Brobdingnagian property set. Unimprisoned."


Lendable on unsettled in 20+ languages.


Rangy Surety FOR Golem


¦ Antivirus Engine: Virus and malware detector automatically scans for septic apps, Trojans and new apps for country upon initial use. Includes Web & record scanning for sodding rotatable endorsement, and also protects against avg spyware and viruses.

¦ App Permissions: Provides insights almost installed apps and helps you believe your apps' make rights, ad meshwork integrations, and permissions.

¦ Birdsong Medicine: Allows you to keep your secrecy. Fence drawing from those you don't necessary to be competent to communicating you.

¦ Web Shield: Scans and blocks malware-infected links, as easily as trojans, adware, and spyware (for reclusiveness and harmless Web browsing) and still USSD lottery (which individual the knowledge to pass1

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