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Rezola Growth The chocolate color palette is very diverse. It contains warm colors from “milk” to “bitter” chocolate, and cold shades of chocolate color are also diverse. Chocolate hair color looks amazing on girls with dark skinand having green or brown eye color. When choosing a chocolate shade, pay attention to your color type of appearance. If your color type is “autumn”, then when choosing a hair dye, give preference to colors with a red or warm red tint. Girls belonging to the cold “winter” color type will prefer cold shades of chocolate color with black or gray reflections. To get a noble cold color without red, choose shades from the palette of "hot" or "black" chocolate. But just do not forget that as a result, the hair may turn out to be too dark, and in some cases even black. Girls with the spring or summer color type should not dye their hair chocolate, as this color will make their face look pale and inexpressive. If you have fair skin and a light eye color, for example, blue, gray or hazel, then having dyed your hair chocolate, you will always have to apply a bright make-up , otherwise your face will be “lost." When dyeing in chocolate color, consider that on dyed or bleached hair, the shade can turn out unpredictable - from bright red to emerald. Depending on how long you want chocolate-colored hair, choose a chemical-based or natural dye . Color longer paint stored on a chemical basis. Natural dyes, of course, are not so persistent, and to maintain color you will often have to dye your hair. Owners of light or brown hair were luckier than anyone else, since it is easiest for them to achieve the color indicated on the package. Chocolate shade may not be noticeable on dark and black hair, the maximum that girls with this hair color can get is a barely noticeable brown or burgundy shade. Oily hair causes many problems to a woman. Usually, they are washed daily, because by the end of the day they have a stale appearance and often acquire a greasy shine. To hair always looked beautiful, you need to properly care for them. Care can be facilitated by knowing some simple remedies against oily hair.

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