How to reduce your housing cost in Retirement

5 months ago

How to reduce your housing cost in Retirement


Popular options for home sale profits. Some people may be selling their current house in order to buy another. In that case, money from the sale may be needed as a down payment for the new home. However, not everyone is ready to make a purchase.

While home ownership is a worthy goal, some people would rather give up the keys and rent instead. “They want to lock the door and go on vacation,” - that the maintenance of a house can be a hassle.


For those not buying a new house, paying down high-interest debt is a logical way to use cash from a house sale. Buffing up retirement savings is also a good idea.


Other sellers are looking to do something a little more fun with their home sale proceeds. “We see a lot of people buying a vacation home or a second home” , that seems to be a popular option. Buying a second home, going on vacation or splurging on a luxury is perfectly fine so long as it fits with a family’s priorities and finances.


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