How to reconcile in QuickBooks?

2 months ago

How to reconcile in QuickBooks?

Tailored specifically for the small and medium-sized business, QuickBooks is that one software we all need to do the accounting thing with complete precision and perfection. The software offers on-premises accounting apps along with the cloud-based versions, which gives its users the ease of accepting business payments, managing and paying bills, and use a plethora of payroll functions. You can also reconcile in QuickBooks by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to QuickBooks
  2. From the dashboard, choose Gear menu and under the Tools tab, choose Reconcile
  3. You will see the Reconcile Overlay
  4. Click it and select the account you wish to reconcile from the drop-down menu
  5. After selecting the account, hit the Reconcile Now button
  6. The next step is to provide your statement details
    1. Verify the copy of the bank statement
    2. Now check the end date as well as the ending balance value
  7. Go back to the QuickBooks and view the Reconcile Overlay
  8. Provide your Statement End date in the calendar
  9. Now, enter your statement’s ending balance
  10. Click OK

Now, Match Expense by following these steps:

  1. Check your transaction history on the bank statement
  2. You will see the Reconcile window, verify your transactions with the listed items
    1. Make sure you click the little boxes to check
  3. After bringing the Difference value to zero, hit the Finish Now button

Once you complete the reconciliation in this software, don’t forget to examine the report. For this, go back to the reconcile menu, and you will see here the reconciliation you have finished. Click it to view the detail window. Review carefully. Now, hit the Run Report button to view the detailed reconciliation report. Print a copy of it, if you want.

During the entire process of reconciliation, if you experience a technical glitch or find a problem in proceeding further, it is advised to contact the QuickBooks support phone number. An experienced professional will respond to your call and provide you with nothing but the best solution.

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