How Microsoft Dynamics Navision Can Transform Your Manufacturing Business?

3 months ago

How Microsoft Dynamics Navision Can Transform Your Manufacturing Business?

Now full manufacturing is being provided in the Microsoft Dynamics Navision in which you can leverage cloud-based technology to satisfy the manufacturing needs and requirements. Microsoft Dynamics Navision gives businesses the opportunity to connect powerful tools, apps, and software into one seamless system. However, with the Microsoft Dynamics Navision, you can complete seemingly complex processes more accurately and effectively. Plus, you can get a clear picture of production efficiencies, inventory levels, and forecast upcoming product demand.


Material's production bill and production orders: it helps create bills of materials by calculating the standard costs. Moreover, Dynamics Navision manage production orders and post consumption as well as output to the production orders which includes a manual supply planning tool as an alternative to automatic planning. However, the planning orders window provides the visibility that you need to manually plan for demand from sales lines.

Forecasting: Dynamics Navision manage demand forecasting for products and components in the most convenient way that allows the system to plan and create production & purchase orders with a level of available inventory and parameters of requirement planning.

Sales & inventory forecasting: by using these extensions, you can get deep insights about potential sales and a clear overview of expected stock-outs that further helps you manage your stock and respond to your customers. On the basis of forecast, these sales and inventory extension helps to create replenishment requests for vendors by saving your quality time.

Capacity planning & fine loading: it can add capacities to the manufacturing process and set up routing to use on production orders and in material requirements planning. You can be able to view loads and the task list for the capacities. Besides, Microsoft Dynamics NAV manage finite loading of capacity constraint resources so that no more work is assigned to a work centre than the capacities can be expected to execute during a given time period.

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