How many graft do i need for a good hair transplant result.

2 months ago

How many graft do i need for a good hair transplant result.

If you are losing hair and wants to get a hair transplant, then the obvious question arises that, “How many grafts do you need for a good hair transplant result?”

It's a tricky question to answer. There are many factors to calculate the number of grafts and it varies according to individuals. Here we are going to discuss those factors by which trichologists estimate the number of grafts to get good transplantation result.

1.Level of baldness:

The number of grafts requirement depends on the level of baldness like if a person is suffering from level 2 of baldness require 1500 grafts and advance level may require 7000 grafts.


Another factor is density. What density of hairs you have lost and what you want to achieve. If you want good or fuller denser hair head then you may need a higher number of grafts.

3.Characteristics of hair:

The type of hair can determine the number of grafts. if an individual has straight fine hair, require more grafts to achieve good visual density. While people with thick curly hair require less number of grafts.

The above-discussed factors are considered to estimate the graft requirement. Although to get the most natural and lifetime results you should choose the best surgeon. Hair transplant clinic in Mumbai has skilled and experienced surgeons who provide an effective result and provide easy graft calculator to estimate your requirement.

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