Hincapie Women Gloves by Classic Cycling | Winter Clearance

5 months ago

Hincapie Women Gloves by Classic Cycling | Winter Clearance

Hincapie Power Winter Liner Gloves

Price: $29.95


Lightweight thermal protection for cool to cold conditions.



-- Technical Poly Tech Dry Time Fabric wicks moisture away from the skin quickly and efficiently

-- Low profile, flat-lock stitching is ideal for layering under other winter gloves

-- Easy Grip cuff opening helps keep gloves in place and allows for easy layering with other winter gloves

-- Glove clip helps keep gloves together for easy storage


Hincapie Merino Wool Gloves

Price: $24.95


Merino Wool — Incredibly fine fibers create soft, itch-free products that keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.



-- Super soft Merino wool is itch free and naturally antimicrobial

-- Every fiber contains thousands of tiny little pockets that trap air to insulate against the elements

-- Naturally porous Merino wool fibers give off a small amount of heat as they absorb and transport moisture away from the skin, preventing chill

-- Merino wool fiber’s unique chemistry and bacteria resistance naturally suppresses odors caused by human sweat

-- Special non-skid, silicone gripper palm pads provide a secure grip on the bars, shifters and brake levers

-- Ergonomic stretch-to-fit design ensures a comfortable fit

-- Electronic touch


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