HFI History

6 months ago

HFI History

HFI History

By Bryan McCusker


Walter L. Howler founds HFI, under the name of Custom Welding, as a part-time venture.

Abstract (Summary)

When an event occurs causing a change to the environment that is deemed excessive, individuals in that society will react. Distress or uneasiness can be formulated by fear, which can ignite conflict especially if that organization or society has previously experienced such behavior. Diagnosis of the organizational climate along with the emotions of the individuals in that society should determine whether the society has adequate capacity for change or whether the society will be resistant to change. This diagnosis also helps ensure that safety precautions are in place and a better understanding of conflict involving group dynamics and the psychological factors that relate to whole-system change. This study presents a theoretical and analytical framework for identifying demographics and traits pertaining to society after a vote from which most of that society’s population differed. Also presented our findings and suggestions for organization development opportunities to advance future positive change.

 Bryan McCusker has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and consulting. He has been featured in the press in a number of articles. 

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