Hair loss treatments to match your budget

2 months ago

Hair loss treatments to match your budget

Losing hair can make you upset which results in diminished your confidence and self-esteem. Hair loss is a common problem for many and people usually search for ways to treat their hair loss which are effective. Hair loss treatment clinic Mumbai suggesting you the most effective treatments to fight with your baldness. Find these treatments and choose the one according to your budget and level of baldness.

1. Minoxidil: It is a topical solution that revitalizes the shrinking hair follicles. It increases the blood flow to the scalp and extends the hair growth cycle to anagen or growing phase. Minoxidil is affordable. If you are suffering early stage of hair loss, this medicine can work for you.

2. Finasteride: It is another effective drug that halts hair loss and promotes hair growth. Finasteride is men only medicine that stop male pattern baldness. It is cheap and can be afforded by anyone.

3. PRP hair treatment: Plasma rich platelet is a relatively new and promising treatment option. In this treatment own blood is used which is platelet rich and promote hair growth. PRP is really effective and nonsurgical treatment.

  1.  Hair transplant: Hair transplant has come a long way. If you find a good surgeon you can achieve the most amazing and totally undetectable hair results. A comprehensive exam is done to find whether you are a good candidate for hair transplant. Factors like age, family hair loss history, scalp laxity are evaluated. Although hair transplant cost is relatively high to above-discussed treatment and is a permanent solution to baldness and easy EMI options are available nowadays.


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