Guillen Barre patient moved with ICU Setup by Global Air Ambulance Ranchi

4 months ago

Guillen Barre patient moved with ICU Setup by Global Air Ambulance Ranchi

Guillen Barre syndrome is a disorder in the human brain, in which there is shaking or pain in the patient's body with failure to do the work, and after that, the muscles of the body start becoming weak or loose.


The respiration becomes weak until the symptoms are detected. Many times the speed of the body parts of the body becomes sensible to zero. Since the breathing has become very weak, the patient has to keep on mechanical ventilation and the treatment available in the medical centre is not helping the patient in the treatment needs, so the patient wants to move to another medical treatment centre for better support. With treatment which was specially served to the patient by Global Air Ambulance Services.

Global Air Ambulance Services from Ranchi with Mechanical and Technical Support

Global Air Ambulance from Ranchi has expelled its medical evacuation team with all modern and advanced setup of cardiac support immediately removed, which is mentioned below...

  • Cardiac Monitor and suction pump
  • Mechanical ventilation support
  • Emergency medical drug support
  • Infusion pump and defibrillator support

Supporting the Patients with Global Air Ambulance Service from Bokaro

For better support in the area of emergency medical evacuation, we are available with Low-Cost Air Ambulance from Bokaro to meet the needs of Assistant Setup of Mobile ICU and Ventilation Charter Aircraft Air Ambulance Services.


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