Goddess Haven - Sensual Massage

6 months ago

Goddess Haven - Sensual Massage

Go to Goddesshaven.net if you are looking for Tantra, Sensual Massage, Fetish/BDSM. Goddess Haven has the most features for advertisers available anywhere online and has a clean environment compared to any other advertising site.   I just want to update my fellow workers that are just trying to make a living to beware of the new law and how it affects the internet as a whole and various business policies.


With FOSTA now enacted, things on the internet have changed. Website owners are now responsible for user content, and that means anything that was left to the discretion of the user is now at the discretion of the website operator. This is why only clean sites like Goddess Haven that meet the standards of the new Fosta law will be allowed on the internet, other sites such as backpage have been taken down by the United States Government, and many more will be taken down in the future that do not comply and violate this new law.

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