Glow Church Announces the Third New Church Location in Melbourne in 2019

2 months ago

Glow Church Announces the Third New Church Location in Melbourne in 2019

Melbourne, Australia, (March 05, 2019) - One of the most diverse cities in the world, Melbourne has an animated melting pot of food, fashion, art and culture. Glow Church Melbourne is a beautiful Church in Melbourne where anyone can be near to Jesus and realize the purpose God has made them for. Glow Melbourne will be the third location of the church in the city of Melbourne.

Glow Church has been established and is led by senior pastors Ellen Cave and Joel Cave in the beginning of 2013 on the Gold Coast. The services of the first church were launched in 2013, on April 28, and the launch event was attended by more than 350 individuals. 14 people who were in attendance suggested they would like to take a decision for the first time to be a Christian.

The venue of the church at Energy Circuit In Robina is an extremely state of the art complex having modern office spaces, sprawling kids’ spaces and a huge balcony tiered, 2-level auditorium. The first church, after being erected as the first ever ARC Church in the history of Australia in early 2013 on the Gold Coast, has witnessed ongoing momentum and significant growth.

The church exists to help others find support in a loving community and get close to Jesus. The main values arise from the statements LOVE, BOLD and REAL, which integrate the spirit of the church for the world, every city and the local community.

Glow Church is now in its 6th year, and is now trying to have a positive impact on the city of Melbourne. Joel and Ellen, the pastors of the church, have a grand vision for its members. Pastors Jimmy and Emma, with their team, have been making plans to expand the reach of the church. They intend to spread the mission of the church to spread Jesus’ light to communities across their cities and the world.

About Glow Church Melbourne:Glow Church Melbourne is the third location of one of the biggest Christian Churches in Australia, Glow Church, and was set up in early 2013 on the Gold Coast. This church is dedicated to help people discover their God-given purpose and connect with other like-minded people, led by senior pastors Ellen & Joel Cave on the Gold Coast’s Varsity Lakes.

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