Fundamental Features to Integrate Into a Fantasy Sports Application

1 month ago

Fundamental Features to Integrate Into a Fantasy Sports Application

Fantasy sports are virtual games of a sport such as football or hockey. They are extremely popular among sports enthusiasts and are globally followed. This is a great market for entrepreneurs who want to build their own business with a fantasy sports application. 

Fantasy_Sports_App_DevelopmentInoru is one of the top fantasy sports development companies that specialize in innovation and app development. With vast experience in the field of technology and software, they will provide you with end-to-end solutions that will take your business to new heights. Inoru offers basic and advanced features for your fantasy sports app to reach a huge audience. 

Some of the fundamental features are:


  • Real-time match Scores


Users can monitor live match scores when placing bets for a number of games.


  • Multiple sports


Select multiple sports such as baseball, NBA, football, etc. to put several bets at one time.


  • Payment Methods


Various forms of payment such as a debit/credit card, e-banking, wallets to safely participate in the competition.


  • Cryptocurrency Payment Integration


By securely connecting wallets with your account, you pay your bets using cryptocurrencies.


  • Push Notifications


Send users notifications and updates to build teams and enter competitions in a timely manner.


  • Real-time Chat


Players will chat about their chances of winning within the contests.


  • In-App Advertising


Admin can make money by showing related advertisements.


  • Multi-Language Support


Enables players from around the world to quickly interact and take part in the competition.

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