Freelance WAN Administrator jobs Browse Now

10 months ago

Freelance WAN Administrator jobs Browse Now

The Wide Area Network Administrator function falls under the broader category of network and computer system administrator. The scope of the Wide Area Network (WAN) Administrator job description covers the following areas:

  • To define user needs and recommend alternatives.
  • To troubleshoot, and resolve WAN performance, connectivity, and related network problems.
  • To maintain the service log for internet (WAN) and its deployment based on the client’s requirement need.
  • To manage, maintain, troubleshoot, and support network infrastructure.
  • To maintain and optimize the health and efficiency of end-user systems.
  • To serve as assigned in on-call rotation.
  • To facilitate the purchase, and tracking of IT equipment, software, and licenses.
  • To identify and resolve hardware and software problems.
  • To design, analyze and implement WAN equipment and design a cost-effective system configuration that meets the users’ requirements.

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