Fracture and Sprains- Measures to be taken care of when there is no Doctor

3 months ago

Fracture and Sprains- Measures to be taken care of when there is no Doctor

fracture and sprains


Fractures & sprains are the harm occurred to connective tissues, ligaments, or to the muscles. Fractures & sprain can happen anytime to anyone whether young or old. You don’t know when a slip or fall can convert into a sprain or a fracture.So here you can find out the most effective ways to help a victim who is suffering from a fracture or a sprain.

Now, we should know how a fracture happens-

Fractures happen when huge force is applied over a bone & as a result, the tissues surrounding that particular bone may get dislocated or may get destroyed, due to which intolerable pain occurs.

People don’t know that all fractures don’t require operations or surgery. The fact is that most of the fractures can be treated without operations only required is an experienced doctor who knows how to treat the fracture without operating it.

Everyone should know the primary treatment or first aid to be given to a person who is suffering from fracture or sprain until the medical team arrives.So, below are some steps that what a person should do and what he/she can avoid in order to extend some relief to the victim.

• CEASE THE BLEEDING – Apply pressure through cotton or cloth directly on the wound in order to stop the bleeding.Do the bandage if required and visit the doctor immediately.• CEASE THE MOVEMENT OF THE INJURED AREA – Don’t move the injured area till the time doctor arrives, it can lead to permanent dysfunction of the limb.

• PROPER REST – The injured person should be given proper rest in order to decrease the pain and to avoid the injury to become more harmful.

• REGULAR ICE TREATMENT – Wrap ice in a thin towel & place it on the swelling to reduce the pain. Don’t apply the ice directly on the skin, always use a thin towel.


• ELEVATION – Raising the injury to a higher level, above the heart in order to give relief in swelling also known as elevation.

• CALL 911- Call the ambulance or take the patient to the doctor as soon as the pain is bearable. Also, remember not to make frequent movements in the body. Keep the patient as he /she is.



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