Follow OSRS Sarachnis Guide and Snap up 60% off Rsorder runescape gold 2007

3 months ago

Follow OSRS Sarachnis Guide and Snap up 60% off Rsorder runescape gold 2007

Sarachnis OSRS is a new mid-level boss appearing in the Forthos Dungeon. If you haven’t defeated this new boss, read our Sarachnis guide below for the basics, attack features and some useful strategies to defeat her.

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Where can you find Sarachnis OSRS?

OSRS Sarachnis is a new mid-level boss in the Forthos Dungeon, which can be unlocked after completing the In Search of Knowledge miniquest. Sarachnis’s lair can be found when running in to the south side of the cave, and you need to carry a slash weapon or a knife to access her lair.

How to kill Sarachnis OSRS in Forthos Dungeon?

Sarachnis OSRS has a high resistance to ranged and magic attack styles. As she attacks Melee when you are in melee range (Ranged when you are not), it is recommended to pray Protect from Missiles or Protect from Melee. Sarachnis is weak to crush weapons, so high strength bonus equipment and crush weapons can be useful, such as the elder maul and abyssal bludgeon. You can also choose dragon warhammer or Bandos godsword for its defense-reducing special attack.

Gain OSRS Sarachnis cudgel & other rewards

After defeating Sarachnis, there is a chance to obtain her unique drops including OSRS Sarachnis cudgel, the Giant Egg Sac and others. Sarachnis cudgel OSRS is a crush weapon only drooped by Sarachnis, which requires 65 attack to equip. The Giant Egg Sac OSRS can be opened with a knife to obtain 100 red spiders’ eggs. The average drop rate of Sarachnis is lower than the rate in the Tower of Life.

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