Find a Freelance BICSI Technician

10 months ago

Find a Freelance BICSI Technician

The technician will be able to use hand tools including test equipment, punch tools, as well as an array of other power tools including saws and hammer drills. This professional will perform various tasks such as pulling, testing and terminating fiber and copper cable. Technicians support cable tray and different other types of cable support hardware.

The BICSI technicians install and maintain a complex Network Cable Infrastructure. The technician will address client data and cable networks requirements. They investigate every kind of building of automation systems. They must possess demonstrable technical knowledge about the ICT cabling.

The BICSI technician must have good knowledge of various types of copper and fiber cables. Technicians address cable termination and testing as a day-to-day process. The professional will perform a site survey while keeping track of blueprints, cut-sheets, and other relevant documentation. They generate both test and as-built reports.

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Find a Freelance BICSI technician

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