Festivals and Cultural Events of Kerala

4 months ago

Festivals and Cultural Events of Kerala

Kerala, the southernmost state of India is a land of diverse culture, heritage and a rich history. The state has a spectacular range of cultural festivals which depict the colorful heritage aptly. These festivals stand testament to the striking nature of the diverse music and traditions. While most holidayers arrive in Kerala to experience the geographical diversity, the captivating arts and culture scene is something that offers a holistic holiday experience. Kerala is more than just a tourist destination. So, come down to our 5 star resort in Kumarakom and indulge in the spectacle of God’s Own Country today! Here are a few reasons that make your time in Kerala all the more special.

Folk Dance: Kerala is home to several forms of folk dances, which includes Kanniyar Kali, a dance form that is done in honor of Goddess Bhagavathy, and is characterized by fast beats, rhythmic tune and Kaikotti Kali is traditionally performed by women who dance around in circles to devotional music. Other famous forms of dances are Kuthiyottam, Tiruvathira, Thirayattam, etc.

Tourism: The various temples, backwaters, valleys, mountains etc. are just some of the few reasons why Kerala’s tourism industry is booming. Kerala is very welcoming to tourists and one can find a host of accommodation from home stays to lake resorts quite easily.

Ayurveda Resorts: While looking for tourist destination in Kumarakom, do consider staying at The Zuri Kumarakom. A prime 5 star hotel in God’s Own Country, that is nothing short of a spectacle itself. It offers a luxurious stay and also an alluring view of the sea.

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