EDI for Digital Revolution

2 months ago

EDI for Digital Revolution

What is EDI?

EDI stands for the electronic data interchange, this process is base on the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between companies. EDI is changing the process of faxing and mailing of paper documents. Electronic data interchange documents use in specific computer record formats that are based on widely accepted standards. Every company will use by the standards in a unique way that fits their business needs.

Today around 160,000 used EDI in a variety of industries they all use EDI software to improve their efficiencies.

E-commerce Growth:

No doubt e-commerce is the fastest growing sector in retail market. All people are interested in shopping online because it is a very easy & convenient  way. In the market the e-commerce growth in the market expands by record margins, a new challenge begins to present itself. As well as this challenge revolves around the ever-increasing complexity of data and the sheer volume of data e-commerce business processes produce. Because e-commerce business model depends on other different new technologies, from supply chain management solutions to application.

E-commerce supply chain data is an interesting composition. That data comes in all forms, from the customer’s partners, and retailers. The challenge that enterprises are around data access, integration, and management. That’s why need to change modern B2B infrastructure approach is more important than ever,

EDI is an essential technology at connecting ecosystems for the logical flow of supply chain, inventory, and retail data EDI continues to act like the existing communications standards for most industry-specific supply chains.

Business Process Integration:

EDI coincide with integrated business processes is must with ERP systems. This EDI that connects the data, applications, trading partners and underlying revenue-generating business operation. Across every back-office process from the enterprise financial solution service to your customer relationship management (CRM) program, EDI provides a versatile toolset to ensure business process integration.

Benefits of Modern EDI:

  • Elimination Of manual Errors
  • High accuracy and security
  • Improvement in speed
  • EDI helps to communicate SAP system with Brilliant WMS

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