Diatom Rx, Fermented Wheat Germ Extract to Improve Health Quality

1 month ago

Diatom Rx, Fermented Wheat Germ Extract to Improve Health Quality

“Diatom Nutrients provides best health support through its first product. Diatom Rx has an important substance that can give people a better quality of life.”

Diatom Nutrients has released the health supplement product as a result of their years of research and the effort to realize their mission, which is providing the product for supporting and improving the quality of health and life for people. The company has a unique concept in providing their service. They want to be something like Diatom, an amazing type of algae that produce oxygen for the Earth. Thus, their product and service also have the main role as the item that will be very useful for many people.

Diatom Nutrients’ first product was Diatom Rx. This product is the result of the fermentation process of wheat germ. The product comes in the form of extract. It has a high concentration of useful substance for health.

The result of the fermentation process is the “2, 6-Dimenthoxybenzoquinone”. This is the substance that is extracted and turned into a concentrated form. This substance has the ability to improve the body immune system and even support to ease the effect of chemotherapy.

As the Fermented Wheat Germ Extract that only has “2, 6-Dimenthoxybenzoquinone” in it, it seems that Diatom Nutrients see it as an incomplete result. Therefore, they also add Flavonoids, one of the most powerful antioxidants available today. By adding Flavonoids, the extract will become much more effective as well as easy to absorb.

The combination of those two substances creates a supplement with a lot of benefits for health. It is not only improving the immune system and help to ease the side effects of chemotherapy; the extract also has the ability to protect the user from a cancer agent. Mostly, it’s because of the Flavonoids effect. As an antioxidant, this substance provides protection against free radicals, which is one of the cancer agents that can attack the body immune system easily.

Moreover, with today’s radiation level that keeps increasing, the combination of FWGE and Flavonoids also protect healthy cells from this exposure. It prevents any mutation that can cause tumor or cancer. This product can become the main elements of how Diatom Nutrients try to make their goal come true.


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