CPE Deployment Services

3 months ago

CPE Deployment Services

 Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is used to provide value-added managed services for the Enterprises and their branches. The legacy way of deploying purpose-built appliances to provide services like Router, Firewall, IoT gateway etc. at the branch is losing momentum, because of high operational costs incurred by Enterprises as well as CSPs. In a standard vCPE model, a dedicated physical CPE of varying form factor based on the needs of the customer is deployed at the branch site. This CPE can be a simple NID (Network Interface Device) or a small form factor server hosting several NFV based VNFs (Virtual Network Functions).

One of the primary use cases of the CPE, is the VPN Services to provide Site to Site connectivity among the branches of an Enterprise. In a shared model, it becomes necessary that the CPE wireless solution provides Port based E-Line, E-LAN services so that a specific Port on the shared CPE can be part of the EVC (Ethernet Virtual Connection) belonging to the Enterprise. It is also important that the VPN services are implemented as software defined VPNs using open standards like OVS (Open vSwitch) and ODL (OpenDaylight) to achieve interoperability.

What is Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)?

Customer premises equipment (CPE) is telephone related equipment which is situated on the customer's physical location rather than on the provider's premises at some other place. Some examples we can say like Telephone related equipments, Set-top boxes, and Digital Subscriber. Mainly, this term referred to these equipments are obviously placed at the customer's desired location near to the telephone line and is usually owned by the telephone company itself. Now a days, most of the end-user equipments are called as (CPE) Customer Premises Equipment and it can be owned by the customer himself or by the service provider.

More information: https://www.fieldengineer.com/field-services/cpe-deployment-services


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