CompTIA PDI+ Salary and Their Job Decription

6 months ago

CompTIA PDI+ Salary and Their Job Decription

As PDI+ certified develop skills to service and support multi-functional devices (MFDs), printers, scanners, etc., they would be crucial to the IT industry as their makers, such as HP, Canon, Brother, and Sharp Electronics, are well entrenched in the field of IT.

In addition, familiarity with computers and their devices, particularly to troubleshoot them, or to use them for analytical purposes, is important for the IT industry.

When the vendor-neutral exam debuted five years ago, CompTIA planned for worldwide adoption. However, use of the PDI+ certification has been largely limited to Canada, where the primary interest in its development originated. Redeveloping the CompTIA PDI+ so the exam remains relevant to the job roles and responsibilities of a technician involved in repair and maintenance of current multi-function devices would be too costly, given the exam’s current level of adoption.

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