comprehend roadmap how to be a full stack web developer

7 months ago

comprehend roadmap how to be a full stack web developer

Gradually, our affinity toward full stack development is increasing thanks to cost efficiency and convenience like benefits come with it. Becoming a full stack developer is not easy but with careful planning for a roadmap makes it possible. Let’s see which technologies a developer has to grasp to a seasoned full stack developer in the current post.

roadmap to full stack development

Full stack development is abuzz today. Initially, it was used for the web development niche only, but today it also applicable for mobile app development and other emerging technologies.


Many programming scripts are differing from the programming languages in several aspects. For instance, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Media Query, VB Script, JSON, and AJAX.

Fundamentally, scripting languages provide a run-time environment to automate tasks for execution. Among these all scripts, JavaScript is the king and used widely in the web as well as cross-platform mobile app development. Therefore, learning and getting mastery over JavaScript is pretty an essentiality to step in to become a full stack developer.

Today most of the JavaScript-based frameworks are used in front-end as well as a back-end web development. Of course, TypeScript is an addition to JavaScript and users of Visual Studio prefer it the most for advanced tooling and functionality.

Step Three – Learn Advanced Programming Technologies

It was PHP, which has laid the foundation of dynamic programming languages with tons of open source platforms and frameworks. PHP is object-oriented language at one perspective and dynamic server-side script at another angle.

Java is another best bet to get supremacy in coding, and most of the universities are teaching Java right from the beginning. Today, Python is the most sought after programming language due to increased use in upcoming technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and AI technology stacks including machine learning (ML).

ASP.NET framework related technologies are king for Microsoft technology fans. C#, VB, VB script, and a few emerging technologies are extensively used in web and mobile landscapes, particularly, enterprises. So, if possible dive into Dot net technologies, especially C# for Unity 3D like gaming platform coding.

Step Four – Learn Database Programming Technologies for Data-driven Web Development.

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