CIGAREEZ Z- Series USB Lighter – Rechargeable Lighter

8 months ago

CIGAREEZ Z- Series USB Lighter – Rechargeable Lighter

This is a flameless, windproof, and USB Lighter that comes with a rechargeable battery. This lighter consists of the USB cable and extra battery and hence when you need to use this in an emergency situation, lack of power supply will not stop you. There are harmful components in butane lighters that may cause harm to the environment and sometimes cause accidental burning. Hence, switching to CIGAREEZ Z series USB lighter is the wise option if you want to save your environment and kids. This is a dual arc lighter used to ignite flatter objects. If this cell is charged for one hour, you can get 200-300 sparks or can light five packs of cigarettes. Three hours of charging through USB is suggestible.

CIGAREEZ Z series Rechargeable Lighter uses plasma wave technology that can provide safe and convenient carrying and smoking experiences. The Lithium cell is available as a built-in lighter for this lighter.

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