CIGAREEZ Z- Series Flameless Lighter – arc Lighter

8 months ago

CIGAREEZ Z- Series Flameless Lighter – arc Lighter

CIGAREEZ Z series Flameless Lighter is used to ignite flatter objects at ease with even and more heat. This heater emits less power, more heat, and high voltage. This lighter is made in UK and comes in gold, silver, and gunmetal colors. The body is made of zinc alloy metal. Some other colorful designs of this lighter available along with conventional colors given above.  This lighter works faster than normal single arc lighters above five times. This lighter gives hear on click of side button, and auto-lock option is provided for safe use and safe for kids, pets, and environment.

 This Arc Lighter needs two hours of complete charging t light three packs of cigars or 500 sparks. This is made in UK and comes with one year warranty and cash-back. This lighter is airport safe and convenient to carry in SUV, kitchen, or camping. The dual arc lighter assures more lifetime and better experience when compared to traditional lighters. This lighter is windproof, splash-proof, and free from butane and other harmful chemicals.

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