Check Out These 4 Exciting Escape Room Puzzles Now

2 months ago

Check Out These 4 Exciting Escape Room Puzzles Now

Easy or complex - the feeling of escaping the room is totally unforgettable.


How are you supposed to create a room that just intensifies the game fun and yet relaxes the individuals on the cusp of their minds?

Escape room ideas could be exhilarating and interesting, but only if you choose the right games for the occasion. It is only gripping to set up a “doom room” with an electronic game to unlock. Indeed, you can find escape room puzzles with a perfect packing list and props for setting it up on the occasion.


Here’s a list of four exciting escape room puzzles that will truly make it nerve-wracking and enjoyable at the same time.


1. 7-piece color cube puzzle. What a fun-tastic game! The players will get it scrambling right from the start, moving it to the box at the correct user-set positions for unlocking the door, cabinet, drawer, etc.


2. 4-point checkmate. Are you up for a game of chess? Well, those skills may do a little to help you to arrange the 4 chessmen in the right sequence to unlock the door, cabinet, drawer, etc.


3. 4-Button Q&A of Doom. Give the correct answer? Proceed to next Q. Give a wrong answer, get the punishment. This simple yet stimulating kind of Q&A of doom game will keep you on the roll, for sure.


4. Angry Pixels. Ever heard Angry Birds? (Well, the 2nd movie is coming soon) This game is quite similar to the former and requires the player to win the game for opening a lock, door, etc.


You can contact reliable escape room builders too, if you want to set up your own franchise at a reasonable price.

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