Carpet Cleaning Basics And Common Mistakes To Avoid

6 months ago

Carpet Cleaning Basics And Common Mistakes To Avoid

We all have carpets at our home because it feels amazing to have a cozy piece of cloth under your feet and something of value that can improve the aesthetics of your home. Moreover, carpets are easier to maintain as compared to the floor as they do not require daily cleaning but that does not mean you can completely avoid its maintenance. You have to ensure that it is regularly vacuumed in routine to avoid the deposition of the dirt and preventing any kind of allergies that could develop due to contaminated air at your home. There are so many other mistakes which must be taken care of along with the yearly carpet cleaning New York.

Use Of Extra Shampoo

This is one of the most frequently made mistakes done by the rookie cleaners when they are on their job of Rug Cleaning in NYC. This is also done a lot of times by people who think of managing the carpet cleaning all on their own as they are not informed about the right amount of shampoo to be used. Though you may think it has no damage it can make the carpet more difficult to clean making it gummy to catch the dust. Also, it is not good for the colors of your carpet.

Over-wetting The Carpets

This one is something very much related to the use of extra shampoo. It is quite obvious that the use of shampoo in excess would need a plenty of water to wash off the shampoo from the fabric. But the use of a heavy amount of shampoo and even water could damage the color as well as the fiber of the carpet. In case you start to use the carpet which is wet and not properly dried, it can also lead to problems like mold and mildew.

Damage From Furniture

You may be surprised to hear that wet carpet could bring some kind of damage from the furniture. If you would place your heavy furniture on a carpet which is not completely dry, it can lead you some serious discoloration issues. Moreover, the wet area coming in contact with the furniture could show up running of dye. If the furniture placed on the wet carpet is made of metal, then it can also lead to rusting of furniture as well as damage to the carpet.

So, if you are planning to go for DIY or hiring some professionals to clean your carpets, make sure you remember to avoid these mistakes to get the best results after the cleaning.

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