But OSRS gold if you force/half buttocks

3 months ago

But OSRS gold if you force/half buttocks

Your tell is your laugh kev. Its apparent you enjoyed making this video and in turn it makes it more enjoyable to observe. Im sure you understand, but OSRS gold if you force/half buttocks laugh/react hat the vid really loses genuity. This is the first vid in a while from you that I can think of that it seemed like you completely enjoyed playing during. That is what keeps RS vids entertaining IMO. Keep it up brobro, whatever it is, if its fun for you I guarantee itll be fun for us to watch, no matter what youre doing.

You have to understand guys, he loves doing so, you can tell from how he speaks about it. Its like a very long quest that hes shared with everybody who watches his movies. But best website to buy runescape gold yeah you've got the right idea we spend time dead then living and you and I do not make a difference whether you or I were to die will change and time will move on.

With that kind of thinking anything besides studying and earning cash is wasting time. Why bother having friends or going on vacation or masturbating? Your logic defeats itself.Dude dont get me wrong, this is a feat for certain but that is such a waste of 7,000 hours it makes me feel more sad with this guy than anything. I have spent a couple hundred hours on rscape in my younger years. I would bet almost anything that this guy will want those hours back at some point in his lifetime. Rscape ought to be filler for bored times not your life.

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