Bulgaria – A magnificent country for photography

29 days ago

Bulgaria – A magnificent country for photography

Bulgaria is undoubtedly the most beautiful and magnificent country, offering amazing Bulgaria landscape photography landscapes.   Let us find out some of the destination of Bulgaria that offers the best spots for photography.

Black Sea Beaches:

If hiking and cultural visits are not for you or you had enough, know that you can also travel to Bulgaria in search of beaches. There are two main resort cities in the Bulgarian Black Sea: Varna and Burgas.

In Burgas, the popular Sunny Beach is the best-known beach to see in Bulgaria among European tourists who come in search of party and sun. There is much to do during the day, but the night is the one that takes the palm, with many bars and parties organized with the best DJs in the world.

In Varna, in addition to lying in the sun on the beach, you can make some cultural visit to places such as the Aladzha Monastery, carved into the rock, or the Archaeological Museum of Varna. This is the best spot for Bulgaria street photography.

However, there are many other beaches, quiet and isolated, in this part of the Black Sea. Among them, we highlight those of Kara Dere and Borata. 

If you lose yourself in endless beaches, where you sleep in a tent under the stars was among your best plans to do in Bulgaria, these two are your best options - especially Kara Dere. Come, visit and enjoy Bulgaria nature photography.

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