Buchanan Tartan Kilt : Cheapkilt

10 months ago

Buchanan Tartan Kilt : Cheapkilt

Tartan Kilts As it was referred, tartan is considered as the symbol for the culture of Scotland. And now, it also became one of the best choices for men’s kilts. Way back then, it was made from the purest wool, but today it is now made from acrylic wool and other kinds of fabrics for an easier maintenance and usage. Tartan Kilts are great for both sports events and casual occasions. Men will have an appealing look by using it, and also adds to a more stylish and fabulous way of styling.


The Scottish Buchanan clan traces its origins way back to the 11th century, where the family fought their founding battles upon the shores of Loch Lomond. Today, the Buchanans — and their beloved tartan — are still an integral part of Scottish culture. 

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