Blessings Are God-Given to All People

20 days ago

Blessings Are God-Given to All People

We have just turned the focal point Manifestation Code System Review of this message to be one of complete unity within mankind. When the human race realizes that they are all interconnected to a Supreme Force, then it should be easier for everyone to get along. However, when people who have a leadership position, or a bully pulpit, spew ideas that are limiting, ultimately all that grows from it is anger, violence, jealousy and resentment of those who might be doing better.

The world needs to take responsibility for their own freedom, but it must be done in a loving and orderly way. Angels will guide you in your own life, which is exactly where you have to be centered. By handling the atmosphere and energy around yourself, others then become infected with the intentions you put forth. From the side of Light, we desire you to infuse only a purity of love. Live your life knowing that blessings of infinite proportions are available to assist you in giving yourself the hand up that you need. While Spirit will always support you, it is you who needs to make the effort, on every level, and not expect that other people should be doing it for you. Be brave and emboldened in your journey to a life filled with treasures. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Christians speak of a God of love. Whoever does not love does not know God because God is love 1 John 4. 7-9. The love He offers is unconditional. That is a very difficult concept for human beings to grasp. For the love that this world has to offer is always conditional, even the greatest romantic love in the world.

And there are those among us who feel unloved and unlovable. How can the love of God reach them. These people may not take a recognizable form. The most attractive people in our society may be among those who feel unloved and unlovable. Take for example the case of a woman who constantly yearns for a man who is unattainable. And the one who would give her the love she longs for is not the one she wants. She is always looking in the wrong direction. This is a familiar scenario - in our society, in history, and among the most recognizable plots to be found in literature.

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