Best Apps for Business Travelers

7 months ago

Best Apps for Business Travelers

Mobile solutions for business travel booking, a comprehensive travel expense management system and travel reporting solution are a godsend for businessmen always on the move. Many corporate travel firms offer mobile apps and platforms for entrepreneurs and top executives who are globe-trotting to manage their itineraries and schedules. So, what are the popular mobile apps for business travellers?

  • FCM mobile app: A mobile app/platform is a one-stop solution that helps a businessperson manage all aspects of an impending journey, from flight bookings to hotel reservations. A traveller can access an airlines’ online check-in system with pre-fill details, which is a huge advantage. Tracking status of flights and other alerts pertaining to security, weather conditions and currency are also available. This unique platform also comes with a travel reporting solution and travel expense management system so companies can make use of them to keep track of their executives travel patterns and spending.
  • Google Trips: This is a very useful app to help you organise your bookings. It will help you stay ahead of hotel and plane bookings. The app also provides interesting guides to different cities across the globe. You can use the app offline as well. You can customise itineraries as well.

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