Bathtub VS Shower Room, Which is Better

3 months ago

Bathtub VS Shower Room, Which is Better

The hostess likes to take a bath while the host thinks the shower is more convenient. Whom do you listen to? Here's a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the bathtub and the shower room.


Comfort Degree: Bathtub is better.

How pleasant it is to take a hot bath! The bathtub is a woman's favorite. It is not just for body cleaning, more importantly, it can do skin care: bubble milk bath, flower bath, essential oil bath ... So from the comfort point of view, the bathtub is superior.

Safety: Bathtub is much safer

If the bathroom is not well-waterproofed, bathing in the shower room can cause leaks downstairs, and the bathtub does not have such a problem. In addition, the shower room itself may cause a safety problem, such as unqualified glass screens can burst, causing personal injury.

Cleaning: Shower Room is more convenient.

Although the bathtub is comfortable, it is also troublesome to clean it up. In order to ensure good health, the bath must be thoroughly cleaned before or after bathing, it will be wearisome every time one takes a shower.

Water Consumption: Shower Room is less water-consuming

When using the shower room, hot water can be used directly, while the bathtub takes a long time to put the bathwater. And the water consumption of the bathtub is far greater than that of the shower room, and it will be more costly.

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