Avail CAT Navigation Enabled Air Ambulance in Patna at Low Cost

7 months ago

Avail CAT Navigation Enabled Air Ambulance in Patna at Low Cost

Patna is one of the fastest growing cities in India which is emerging to be a medical hub in the region. Quite often we get calls from people who want to avail an Air Ambulance on an immediate basis. The demand has increased now and Lifesaver Air Ambulance has expanded its wings to deliver the robust Air Ambulance in Patna with CAT navigation system onboard. A non-technical person may have in mind that what is this CAT system and for their better understanding we have come up with this elaborative blog to bring awareness among them. You must have heard that several flights are delayed due to dense fog in winter causing loss of time and money. CAT navigation is a revolutionary system that enhances the capability of the Aircraft to operate in dense fog and other weather conditions. Even when the visibility is zero Air Traffic Controller gives a green signal to the Aircraft equipped with this navigation system to take off and land.


How CAT Navigation on Air Ambulance in Patna can help you?

Patna witnesses dense fog during winters and with an Air Ambulance fitted with CAT navigation won’t have any hassle in operation due to such reasons. Thus fast and comfortable Air Ambulance Service in Patna can be rendered. Our customers will also have the advantage of a world-class ICU setup under which the patient shall be kept under observation and supervision of the best medical team. This team comprises of the specialist Doctors and paramedic. Bed to bed transfer facility is given to help relatives and in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient. We at Lifesaver Air Ambulance aim to provide the best patient transfer service possible at the most affordable price.

Lifesaver Air Ambulance also provide services from other cities of the country. If you need an Air Ambulance in Delhi then call us now to book the most versatile and comprehensive Air Ambulance now.


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