Avail Air Ambulance from Patna by Lifesaver Air Ambulance to Palliate Critical Illness

7 months ago

Avail Air Ambulance from Patna by Lifesaver Air Ambulance to Palliate Critical Illness

You know how important it becomes when any of our close relative or family member is diagnosed with critical diseases. In a city like Patna proper treatment is not always available and hence people are advised to take their patients to a major city where all the modern and latest facility to treat the patient is available. We provide the most predictable Air Ambulance from Patna to help you palliate your loved ones in their critical illness. Though we cannot share the pain your loved ones might be suffering from but of course, we can be your helping hand in a medical emergency to transfer them to a good hospital. Lifesaver Air Ambulance possesses a vast pool of trained and skilled health care professionals such as Anaesthesiologists, Cardiologists, Colon, and Rectal Surgeons, Critical Care Medicine Specialists, Endocrinologists, Emergency Medicine Specialists, Gastroenterologists, Geriatric Medicine Specialists, Infectious Disease Specialists etc. We mobilize a medic team comprising one of this health care professional as per patient need. A paramedic is also deputed to help Doctors in managing the patient during an entire phase of transportation. Our Air Ambulance from Patna is curated with highly advanced and sophisticated ICU setup. In fact, we are among the only few Air Ambulance Service provider in India to provide distinguished ICU setups such as NICU, PICU, and IDM.


Infectious Disease Module is a revolutionary ICU setup that is used to transfer patients infected with deadly viruses like Ebola, H1N1, Swine Flu and Bird Flu etc. Actually, you need a separate module inside which the patient needs to be separated and thus carried out to the location where further treatments to save his/her life can be furnished. Last month Patna witnessed several reports of Bird Flu but thanks to the IDM, we had on our Air Ambulance from Patna that we were confident enough to transfer the patient suffering from any infections of these viruses.

We also provide Air Ambulance from Delhi at an affordable price. If you need any type of patient transfer service in Delhi then call our 24*7 available advisers to book the most comfortable and comprehensive Air Ambulance now.


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