Assume control on your privacy with Norton Secure VPN

2 months ago

Assume control on your privacy with Norton Secure VPN

One of the greatest risks of accessing Public Wi-Fi network is that you let your mobile security vulnerable to hackers, viruses, malware, and emerging cyber threats. You don’t know what’s happening in the background, nor if there is someone snooping in your mobile data from the other side of the unguarded channels.

To keep these hackers and their unethical practices at bay, you must get the Norton Secure VPN installed in your device.

For the majority of mobile users, showing ignorance toward the security of mobile devices on public Wi-Fi network has become a trend nowadays. They simply avoid the fact that they surrounded by cybercriminals with skills on a master level by stating that they already have an antivirus installed on their device.


But the harsh reality is that most of the antivirus programs installed on your mobile are free trial versions that don’t provide complete security. Even if you install a paid version of Norton Security, keeping it safe at Public Wi-Fi network is next to impossible for a traditional Antivirus program.

Public Wi-Fi network is like a coffee shop where everyone comes and stays without you having any knowledge of any of them. You must take strict precautions to ensure the security of your personal details such as Bank details, Password, and IP address while using the Wi-Fi network on your smart devices, tablets, laptops or any other computerized electronic equipment with Internet facility.

By visiting Norton setup, Norton users can easily access, download, install and activate Norton Secure VPN , extend it multiple devices and check the security updates of your device.

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