Apple Certified Technical Coordinator Job Description

10 months ago

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator Job Description

Coordinators configure and support Apple desktops/laptops. They participate in the development of images for PCs of all types. They produce packages for installation for MAC OS software.

They also handle and support different types of PCs and peripheral equipment, such as printers, scanners, network interface cards, etc. Coordinators will shift, assemble, and install equipment. Besides acting on user requests, they create, adjust, disable or delete a user account group.

Coordinators troubleshoot and resolve user accounts, permissions in various systems, such as Macintosh, Active Directory, Google, Moodle, etc., by following organizational procedures or help create new processes. They perform basic troubleshooting and create, remove or modify network printers. Coordinators plan, prepare and coordinate the installation of computer equipment. They also maintain inventory records for software and hardware, document instances of issue resolutions in their organizations' knowledge base, manage the replacement of equipment for computers and printers of staff, and advise them on purchases related to hardware and software.

More info: Freelance Apple Certified Technical Coordinator

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