Amazing Pizza Facts That You Must Not Miss Out

6 months ago

Amazing Pizza Facts That You Must Not Miss Out

Crazy Pizza Facts 

  1. Italy isn't the place of origin

Many of you might tend to believe and think that Italy is the place where pizza originated 

  1. The truth behind Margherita pizza

Queen called her chef and ordered him to make the most exquisite pizza for her. The chef used the best mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and rosemary for Queen's delight which later on gained its fame as Margherita Pizza. 

  1. The pizza craze

Over 8 billion pizzas are sold each year, around the globe. An American eats approximately almost 50 pizza slices in a year. 

  1. The frozen pizza

It has made its presence at gas stations, local vendors, bars and other convenience stores. 

  1. A cancer cure

In recent studies, it has was found that pizza consumption reduces the risk of esophageal cancer. But that does not mean that a pizza slice every day is going to bless you with a healthy life. 

  1. Indian Variant

Any fast food chain which comes to India has to set up a new line of flavours to cater to the local crowd. 

  1. Legality of Italian Pizza

Did you know that in Italy there's a law which specifies what all ingredients, methods, and ways of processing can be used to make an authentic Italian pizza? 

  1. Pizza holds Guinness World Record

There exists a record-breaking pizza in the Guinness Book of world records for the longest pizza in the world. 

  1. Norway making way for Pizza

There's no way anyone can beat Norway in the maximum consumption of Pizza.#Pizzahutoffertoday

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