All about Pigments for Printing Inks

3 months ago

All about Pigments for Printing Inks

Nowadays, modern printing demands flexible, reliable, and high quality pigment solutions. When it comes to the textile industry, printing ink is one of the essential parts which refer to the dyeing of clothes and dress materials. Although, pigments for printing inks are the most popular technique used on cellulose fibres. Moreover, there are a number of benefits associated with the printing inks pigment that are given as follows:

High-quality pigments for printing inks: pigments that are used for printing inks offer brighter printing than any other styles of printing. However, the colors if permanent with this process as these pigments are light fast and weather fast.

Simple and easy technique: pigment printing is known to be the very simple and easy dyeing process as the color matching is fast and easy with pigment printing. Moreover, if there are any issues in the color fabrication, it is easily identifiable in the pigment printing technique.

Cost effective techniques: this process is a budget as well as eco friendly process which ensures less wash off, quick sampling, highest speed technique, and less time as it can be done at less time. Plus, you don't need high end machinery and other equipments for applying this technique. All these features make pigment printing economical.

Pigments that are used for printing inks are often better than dyes at keeping their color for many centuries and for withstanding high heat, intense light, and exposure to weather or chemical agents. Pigments that are used for printing inks including Red 254, Yellow138, Red 122, CI 1510, CI 1530, CI 7000, etc.

Pigment manufacturers for printing inks

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