Affordable Natural Detoxification Treatment in NJ/NYC - Dr. Philip Memoli

5 months ago

Affordable Natural Detoxification Treatment in NJ/NYC - Dr. Philip Memoli

We are constantly being exposed to various toxins from our environment, such as heavy metals, chemicals, radiation, and acids. When these toxins enter our body, they may exert adverse effects which can result in symptoms or disease. As a result of our unique identity called biological individuality.


In order to understand resistance and susceptibility, we need to be familiar with the system designed to protect us and prevent disease.


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This system is composed of three sequential parts:


  1. Identification: The Immune System carries out this process.
  2. Neutralization: The Detoxification System performs this task
  3. Elimination: The Elimination System colon and kidneys work to remove toxins.


Since the health of the individual is crucial to his or her survival, the body uses these three systems. It also provides a back-up or fail safe plan in the event one part fails.


Xenobiotics (foreign toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals and other agents) can place a great deal of stress on the entire system. Because of the complexity and toxicity of xenobiotics, the system may break down during the identification and processing stages.


The kidneys, which also possess some regenerative and detoxification ability, would be subject to injury, too. Possible injuries include autoimmune glomerulonephritis (caused by mercury, heavy metals, pain killers and other agents) and nephrotoxicity (actual pathology of the structure and function due to the same agents listed above).


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