A Buying Guide to Bird Watching Binoculars

11 months ago

A Buying Guide to Bird Watching Binoculars

best binoculars for bird watching

As a birder, knowing how to choose the best optics for your excursion is an added advantage to your lifestyle. Being able to navigate through the larger selection of binoculars available in the market will require to face some considerable limitations like budget, weight, and magnification.

There is also subjective limitations like brand affinity and ergonomics. But the end of it all, only a birder will know what is a perfect optic that could work for them. There is no such thing as best binoculars for birds. #1. The Size or Magnification

The Size or Magnification

Learn what numbers on the binoculars mean and you will have an easy time. The most voted for size by most birders is 8*12 as it is said to have a configuration that is perfect for dim conditions like dawn and dusk, larger field of view, easy to hold steady. For something lighter, consider 8*32 whilst 8*42 is for more magnification power.

Generally, if you go for higher magnification, you will have a closer and more detailed view while on the other hand, binoculars with lower magnification will give you a wider field of view.

#2. Budget

Your budget basically helps you narrow down your choice of the best binoculars for birds as so many factors including brand affect the price. With $200, you can afford a pair though mid-priced one goes for $300-400 but as we understand subtle improvement in performance makes an optic more costly but affordable depending on the budget.

#3. Essentiality of Features

This calls you to determine what feature in your bird watching binoculars is mandatory considering your needs. Do you need eye relief, close focus? Identifying attributes that work for you narrow down the scope of the choosing your best bird watching binoculars.

#4. User-friendly

The best bird watching binoculars should be easy to use in terms of it fitting well in your hands when gripped, easy location of focus, provide comfort and an easy time when it comes to adjusting. This is to make the functionality efficient and reliable.

#5. Brand and Warrant

It is advisable to choose your bird watching binoculars from brands and dealers that are able to stand behind their product. The reputation and level of support from the manufacturer should greatly count when it comes to your choice of binoculars. There are limited and lifetime warranties with other companies providing no-fault warranties.


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