5 Biggest Bubble Dome Tag Mistakes You Can Easily Find

28 days ago

5 Biggest Bubble Dome Tag Mistakes You Can Easily Find

In a world moving so fast, it is tough to track the mistakes until the final results don’t show up. You too can avoid such mistakes by identifying the core issues and how it affects the overall quality.

Adhesive – Imagine if the same adhesives used in un-domed labels are used for domed labels? Will they stick for a long period? Some label manufacturers don’t pay attention to such details and develop products that are likely to peel off after a period.

Level – Is it perfectly leveled? You can find various bubble dome with the unequal flow of liquid at one point, making it thick on one side and thin on the other. Beware of those manufacturers who don’t even allow the label to get cured perfectly! Look for manufacturers who ensure a perfect curing process for full leveling.

Overflow/underflow – The dome tag must not stay resilient to overflow and underflow of liquid, which would further create uneven edges. You should prefer companies that guarantee calibrated equipment for creating uniform and consistent domes.

Epoxy – While several small-time producers shift the blame on adhesives for poor quality domed labels, it is important to lay focus on the manufacturing and testing processes that ensure epoxy stays for a long time without curling or shrinking.

Bubbles – How ridiculous look if it has the bubbles? Domed tags are prone to moisture, which is quite responsible for leaving bubbles on the surface. This is the reason why printed labels and liners should be dried properly before doming them with urethane.

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