4 Key Benefits Of Cloud-Based HRMS Software - factoHR

1 month ago

4 Key Benefits Of Cloud-Based HRMS Software - factoHR

The number of benefits is involved in using cloud-based HR management software:

1. Easy accessibility- anywhere, anytime

Cloud-based HRMS Software empowers HR professionals and employees to access the software anytime, anywhere. HR department can manage all its HR operations efficiently. A manager can approve/disapprove attendance and leave applications, manage employee details, can authorize the system through which he defines which modules are accessible to the employees. 

2. High data security

Data security is a critical aspect of companies. The primary reason for companies to adopt cloud HR management software is its advanced security. 

3. Cost efficient

Implementation of cloud-based HR software has a great impact on industries. Traditionally, companies had to maintain huge servers, upgrade periodically the existing software, dedicate an IT team to monitor its functioning, software maintenance and much more. 

4. Seamless and integrated solution

HR software comes with various modules in which HR and employee records are maintained. These modules have to be interconnected with each other so as to have an efficient and complete HR system. 


factoHR is an all-in-one cloud-based payroll software which takes care of all the HR operations and payroll related modules such as attendance, leave, performance and statutory compliance. It generates all the reports automatically on a monthly basis. 

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