4 dos don’ts of buying a musical keyboard

5 months ago

4 dos don’ts of buying a musical keyboard

Do you feel something within you lights up when your fingers stroke the ivory keys of a keyboard? Or do you get goosebumps when listening to the grand acoustics of a piano? If yes, then you must’ve noticed that from Mozart’s compositions and Sebastian Bach’s Brandenburg concertos to the musical pieces of Sir Elton John, Freddy Mercury, Stevie Wonder, and even more contemporary ones like Vanessa Carlton & Adnan Sami, some of the most celebrated artists have been pianists. Our team at the Jhankaar Music Shop have shared some pros of a musical keyboard and the 9 Dos & don’ts of buying a musical keyboard to help you make the right choice.

Pros of a Musical keyboard:– Great for beginners to learn– Requires lesser investment than an acoustic or digital piano– Delivers the quality, sound, and feel of a grand piano– Occupies lesser space, making it easy to carry around– Requires lesser maintenance than a grand piano

4 Dos & don’ts of buying a musical keyboard

Dos:1. Get the right number of keysThis is the basic & most essential of all, words like “unique keyboard” with 61 keys may sound interesting as an idea but the reality is otherwise. It is key (pun intended) that your keyboard has 88 keys and 7 octaves, as that gives you a strong basic foundation of playing with staff notations for any genre of music.Get your first and best electric keyboard from Jhankaar’s range of 100% original, quality instruments.2. Choose the optimum size keysMini versions may seem cute, but will not benefit your learning and playing. If you’re really serious about your craft you will definitely choose a musical keyboard with black keys measuring 13.7 mm & white keys measuring 23.5 mm in length. T

3. Prefer weighted keysHeavy weighted keys which comfortably spring back up like a grand piano’s keys are a feature you’ll find only in premium quality musical keyboards. We strongly suggest you choose weighted keys as they help improve finger strength & technique.

4. Buy an adjustable standFor the convenience of playing like a pro, you need to have a strong, adjustable keyboard stand. If you’re thinking, “How will I know the ideal height of a keyboard stand?” The answer’s simple, it needs to be steady & comfortably adjustable to your arm height. 

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