10 Ways Owner Operators Can Cut Their Fuel Bills

4 months ago

10 Ways Owner Operators Can Cut Their Fuel Bills

If you read any lorry-centric news sites at the moment, you'll be aware that times are not exactly good. Fuel prices are higher than ever, there are taxes to enter major city centres and to top it all off the whole world is suffering from an economic downturn. The big companies will manage to get through this, no doubt, but what about the independent lorry drivers - the owner operators? It's going to be a struggle for some of them undoubtedly, but cutting down on unnecessary expenses can allow them to fight another day.

If you're like many owner operators MaxiCOM MK808TS, you will have a number of jobs to do in one day. If you can ‘group' your loads together allowing you to put more in a single trip, then you will save hugely on petrol with a lot less dead mileage. You may even save enough time to fit some more owner operator jobs in!

Autel MP808. …But Don't Overload It!

Even though groupage can be a massive time and cost saver, you need to make sure that you don't overdo it. Overfilling your vehicle can cause a lot of strain on the engine, and ensure that your fuel efficiency suffers.

Lyall Cresswell is the Managing Director for the Transport Exchange Group. Haulage Exchange, their freight exchange for the 7.5 tonne and above market, offers an independent environment for its members to find owner operator jobs. Related Links




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